Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A walk at the white cliffs of ? Dover ?

summer is here, they say, 
weatherwise I'm not sure about that
but summer does mean some trips out to the white beaches of Sandhammaren

this time I did NOT go  into the water
instead I spent some time walking on the vast beach
either which way you look the beach goes on and on

not too many people around.... yet...

if you're ever in the southern parts of Sweden in the summertime
I recommend that you put this on your to-do list


by the way...first picture was a close up of a dune
how tricky of me don't you think !

Monday, June 29, 2015

Rise and shine with a beautiful sunrise

Good morning to all of you around the world
I don't know any better way to start off the day than this

just me and the birds and the rising sun...

the sun in the pictures reminds me off when I was little 
 I drew the sun with pastel crayons...first the circle and then used my
fingers to smudge out the beams...remember ?

hope your day is filled with sunshine

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm back and I'm on my bicycle

after a long break I'm finally back...
I sure hope some of you followers will find your way back to my blog
I'm in Sweden and working,
at least for yet a little while ....

my drive to work or actually, at the moment my bicycle ride to work
has got to be the most beautiful ride in Sweden
it's a privilege to exercise around here
 I do have 19 kilometers one way to work so I'm sure happy that the scenery is good

 the other day I brought my camera and took just a few pictures

a lane just for bicycles, runners, inlines or "walkers" all along the shore
but I had it all to myself
not a lot pf people out at 6.45 in the morning !

I started at that tip......the harbour in Abbekås

on my way home I saw all these swans and I just had to stop
too bad the water is so cold because it sure looked inviting

my beautiful home

Abbekås, Skåne, Sweden

see ya'