Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt….German Christmas Market….in Delhi !

Today we've been to the

in Delhi…..

We did our best to get into the christmas feeling…even though it was around 30 degrees ..
and I must say they did their best to help us out…... with christmas songs and santa claus around…not to forget the gluhweine, beer and german food …...

christmas decor made in papier machee' so beautifully done….I just had to get some…but I will not show you until later…..

I now know what I want for christmas….Mr M doesn't have to look anymore…I made it so easy for him…didn't I ?
After the german christmas market we went to the french christmas market ! Yes I know, it can't get any more christmissy than this…

Red moon Bakery made it even more christmissy..yes, I got something here also ! just had to….
Now I'm kind of in the mood for  the first sunday of advent….which is tomorrow !
Can you believe it ?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wedding season is on.

At the moment I see horses and carriages alongside the road every day…(I was told that a lot of weddings take place after Diwali in november and december)
this one on the way to a wedding...

in wait of the wedding…..

he so wanted to show me his full costume…with the hat and all….

all prepared…the car and the entrance decorated with flowers…the musicians having a brake in the wait of...

again on the way to….

the white wedding is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue on a white horse…accompanied by his family members.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

One of my favourite stores, Good Earth

Today we went to Select City walk in Saket…..

my favourite mall and it has one of my favourite stores….

Good Earth…3 levels of wonderful colours and impressions….

so many things I want to get….today I was happy just to look around…
my mother did find some really nice things though..
(there's a Good Earth at Khan market also.. it's smaller but it has more clothes)
any which one is so worth a visit…

Bukhara, here we come again….

but first time for my mother and Bukhara didn't let us down…it was as good as last time….
Bukhara is one of the restaurant at ITC Hotel Maurya in Delhi…that means if we want to get there in time for our booking we have to leave early because of traffic…by the way you have to book a table…it's really popular…

these are the napkins or aprons…here you eat with your fingers….

prepared and ready…..

the menu…but we knew what we wanted so…..

the chefs in action….our table was right here so that we could look at them in action...

we ordered there famous lamb and the chicken and

daal with three different kinds of bread….so good….all of us ate way to much but we still got our dogggy bag with us…hmmm I wonder how that adds up….

even got served the betel leaves with "spices and sugar"…Mats ate a whole one ! …I dared to eat a piece…

we got a tour of the kitchen and they explained how they make the lamb…but the recipe is a secret of course….my mother did her best to get it though….

yes, that's me !! where's the doggy bag ?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas in a cake ?

Today I made this orange polenta cake with cloves and all of a sudden my kitchen smelled like Christmas..

a little different cake since it has polenta and lots of grounded cloves in it….I saw it being made in one of the best TV series ever….the spice trip….it was only 6 or 7 episodes but it was so interesting….anyhow, in this episode they go to Zanzibar and tell us everything there is to know about cloves….how it grows and how it's picked…how to use it in cooking and baking..if you get a chance to see it do so…that is if you like spices…
anyhow, the cake was yummy with some whipped cream…so fresh…
Interested in the recipe ? then send me a comment and I will give it to you

Christmas in a cake….

Nilgai outside our apartment

My mother spotted the nilgai, the blue cow ! She actually saw three of them …I only spotted this one

now I know that I've seen the blue cows lots of time I just didn't know that it was the nilgai…
at our last place I saw them almost every day from above…..this was a first from this balcony…
this time the distance is a lot more than 120 meters so it's on the verge of what my little camera can manage….wonder if we will spot any peacocks from here ?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

As my friend would say "dagens dummerjönsar"

Today I saw some things that reminded me of my friend Katrin….
she would say here comes dagens dummerjöns but they are actually dummerjönsar since I got  pictures of three, for us, very different ways of going about the traffic…

contestant number 1:

contestant 2 is actually more than one…see the one laying down….

finally contestant 3:

( sorry about the glair but I took it through the window in the car )
For us this is so out of the question when it comes to driving or behaving in traffic...the fines would be so high that we couldn't afford driving the car or MC for a while…or ever because the police would take our drivers license away…for good….

In search of Christmas.

Today was the day to try and get into the Christmas mood even though it's

28 degrees and the sun is shining and we need AC in the car…
You see today we finally made our way to 

everybody I know have already been there so I was quite curious of what to find…..
we should have had Christmas music in the car because it was quite the journey to get there though….

In this warehouse he sold all different kinds of christmas ornaments….

 I found this glittery christmas moose…..he was actually cool….no, I didn't buy him…if I had a store I would have for decor….

I'm not so sure about this glittery christmas rhino though !

I did find Christmas...things that almost didn't cost me anything today but the Christmas feeling….not really feeling it yet….I'm sure it will come to me…hopefully in time.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A "taste" of swedish traditions at Kunskapsskolan.

Yesterday the guests at Kunskapsskolan got  a little taste of swedish traditions….we where wrapping up the Japanese week and ended it all with an invitation to the Japanese community who got the chance to see,feel and make some swedish traditions.
We made…..?????

yes, we made chocolate balls….all kids in sweden knows how to make these delicious treats…

I think we made more than 300 …..and I think everybody thought they where yummy ?!
In case someone missed out on the recipe here goes :
20-25 chocolate balls 
150 gr butter ( it needs to be real butter ) room temperature
2 dl sugar
3.5 dl oat 
few drops of vanilla essens
2-3 tablespoons of cold strong coffee ( you can use orange juice instead )
4.5 tablespoons cocoa
shredded coconut

Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl with a fork 
add the vanilla and the cocoa and mix in
add the coffee and oat and mix it all well
roll into small balls and roll it in the shredded coconut
put in the fridge for about 30 minutes 

besides the chocolate balls we had waffles….hmmm…so good with whipped cream and strawberry jam….
the kids got to make all kind of different christmas decorations…

the teachers prepared and practised ahead….

the kids could pin the tail on the….

moose ….a beautiful moose by the way….drawn by someone who's never seen a real one !

in the auditorium the kids could listen to Pippi Långstrump-Pippi Longstocking stories and also look at the cartoon version of Pippi….if you haven't seen them you must….she's a funny girl ….the cartoons are good…I know you can find the episodes on you tube ….

I also made a table with some of our, mostly, christmas traditions, shown ….

swedish music played and pictures from Sweden where shown on the wall……
It sure was a fun saturday morning !