Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why is Jodphur called the blue city ?

Jodphur, second largest city in the state of Rajasthan is also called the blue city
some say the blue colour is associated with the Brahmins, Indias priestly caste, 
and the blue houses of the old city belong to families of that caste
There's also the argument that termites are the real reason !
nevertheless it's said that it's all Indigo, the natural dye that makes this city blue

first glimpse of the city from above

it sure reminds me of Greece

different shades of blue

amazing colours of India

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Bishnoi tribe welcomed us with opium !

it may seem a little odd but that's just their custom
The Bishnoi people are just being polite and welcoming you to the village
It made me kind of confused to if we should refuse or accept the gesture
While the man went through the process of preparing, in itself worth watching,
he took a small piece of dry opium and smashed it toa powder in a copper bowl
he then added water...then it was filtered through a sieve several times all while he was 
"praying"....the amal is then poured into his cupped hands..
Mr M and I kindly turned down his offer to try and
 watched him drink the precious drops instead
(unfortunaletly I wasn't allowed to get any pictures if the dried opium nor the ceremony)

The name Bishnoi means 29....referring to the 20 Hindu and 9 Muslim principles the tribe lives by
in conclusion
- no killing or eating of animal
- no cutting down of living trees
- and no alcohol consumption

dressed in traditional red dresses and their special jewellery

they keep their villages really clean ...

in 1730 hundreds of Bishnoi people hugged trees trying to stop them from being cut down...
they where all beheaded ! but when the maharaja of Jodphur heard of their sacrifice he 
commanded a stop of both cutting down trees and the beheading of people

how a turban is done....

it looked so easy...

finished ....

yet another wonderful experience in colourful India

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Raas...Wow ! what a hotel

The Raas sure is an amazing hotel
and it's inside the old walls of Jodphur, down below the Merhrangarh Fort
I gave you a little glimpse the other day
now where home again so here goes
hope you'll enjoy

just a little reminder ....it was really wow ! 
walking in seeing the fort

we relaxed....besides the sightseeing in 42-44 degrees celsius !

and exercised some.....

so lush and green

waterjars, made in Jodphur

love the blue against the red sandstone

we could tell that we where in the blue city

from the roof of the hotel we got the first glimpse 

we did get earplugs because this mosque was just outside the hotel
so if we didn't want to wake up at 05.45 we'd better use them
I didn't mind since it's all part of the experience

I just have to show you what the evenings where like 
not a bad spot to have dinner
the rooftop bar had a spectacular view

me like.....

I have found so many really good interior- exterior design ideas here in India
would love to create some of them back home !

I will be showing lots of pictures from what we did in Jodphur so be sure to check in later

Friday, March 27, 2015

Jodphur, the blue city and The Raas has welcomed us

we are in Jodphur, the blue city in Rajasthan
so far really good
The Raas has welcomed us 
and we are really pleased
who wouldn't be !

our hotel the Raas is at the foot of the famous fort that we'll be visiting tomorrow
quite cool 
the weather was everything but cool though
it was desert hot !!

only downside is that the wifi is so slooooooooooow
so it seems the blog may have to wait until I get home
these two took more than an hour to download !!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bani temple in dense forest in the Aravalli hills

from Mangar village we drove quite a distance on bumpy dirt roads to get
to Bani temple....bani meaning trees...
and those are protected around this temple...

this is one way to get water ....but I do wonder why it's not on, or in, the ground ?
(the tube that is)

so many different birds but difficult to spot ...see it ?
there's a kingfisher in there somewhere

I helped you out here...I zoomed in...
it' an Indian tree pie ! I call them mocking birds because they always hide or fly away every time 
I have tried to get a picture of it

I guess this holy cow had just visited the temple because it came down from there....

up up we walked...slowly...

a temple dog....it sure was his spot..

my driver Pawan in front

then this woman and her husband arrived....rang the bell before going in...

now we had to climb down again...

at the foot I met this old lady so we stopped for  a little chit chat 

the surroundings where beautiful....
all of a sudden we met this old BIG bull and both me and my driver
kind of backed away...especially since the bull seemed to like me....

he was BIG

by the water I saw a bird I haven't seen before...it was so beautiful with it's long tail 
I took the shot from so far away....it was fun just to see some of it..
it's an asian paradise flycatcher !

lighting the oil....

animals and birds benefit from the temples..
always something to eat

yet another great day in colourful India