Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Raas...Wow ! what a hotel

The Raas sure is an amazing hotel
and it's inside the old walls of Jodphur, down below the Merhrangarh Fort
I gave you a little glimpse the other day
now where home again so here goes
hope you'll enjoy

just a little reminder was really wow ! 
walking in seeing the fort

we relaxed....besides the sightseeing in 42-44 degrees celsius !

and exercised some.....

so lush and green

waterjars, made in Jodphur

love the blue against the red sandstone

we could tell that we where in the blue city

from the roof of the hotel we got the first glimpse 

we did get earplugs because this mosque was just outside the hotel
so if we didn't want to wake up at 05.45 we'd better use them
I didn't mind since it's all part of the experience

I just have to show you what the evenings where like 
not a bad spot to have dinner
the rooftop bar had a spectacular view

me like.....

I have found so many really good interior- exterior design ideas here in India
would love to create some of them back home !

I will be showing lots of pictures from what we did in Jodphur so be sure to check in later

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