Monday, June 30, 2014

A walk up the hill ?

Want to join me for a walk up the hill ? it's not that steep but it's so loooong...
you know it's one of those hills that feels in your legs about halfway up
 of course I had my best trekking shoes on
not....I had flip flops !

 almost at the top

just a little bit more
it's so worth the "climb"

it is so beautiful up here
the view is amazing

look at that coastline...the beach goes on and on...
too bad the water is so cold all the time

walking down again
overlooking the typical landscape around here
hope you found the walk worth while
I sure did

Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Indian store in the countryside

I've heard of a store out in the countryside that sells Indian furniture and textiles....the profit from the store goes to running a school for underpriviliged girls in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
 so the other day I decided to try and find the place

the stores name is Alma and Arthur and it's really out in the countryside
situated between Löderup and Borrby

the store is in one of the barns

old doors, chairs, tables, cupboards etc

I guess the swedes like the Indian shabby chic furniture and the industrial design

it was fun to have a look ...
a little surreal though

India in a Swedish barn in Skåne

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Red currant cake

this morning I decided to save some of my red currants from the birds...
they are eating all of the red berries !

I decided to make a red currant cake

to bring to my father-in-law
you see, he lives in a home because he suffers from Alzheimer's
he doesn't know who I am and sometimes I don't know what to talk about
 today we talked about berries...
we listened to music and ate cake

I left with a feeling that it was a good visit after all

Friday, June 27, 2014

A hangover

from yesterdays weather caught my attention at 4.45 this morning
I just had to get out and look at the sky after the weather monster I saw yesterday
I didn't know what to expect

it was incredible


it was so quiet
I could actually hear myself breathe

the colours where spectacular

then the sun managed to get out of the thick cloud blanket

time to go home again
it was a little cold
maybe some coffee
even though it's really early still

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Now this is what I call weather

a couple of hours ago I was out in the garden in the sun..
it was so nice and warm...then I hear thunder in the distance...
so I went down to the water to check...

and I could see the front coming towards us

about two hours later the sky was so black....still no rain and no thunder over us but

I could here it coming closer and closer...
so I walked down to the water again..

wow...amazing...I was standing in the sun but this monster was creeping up on me..

it looked like the clouds where going to merge with the ocean...
 here comes the thunder and the rain...I better run home...

 while I was writing this post the power went out...twice....
and now it's really raining
almost like monsoon rain

Breakfast guest

went out to the green house with my breakfast this morning
and interacted with this creature

I'm sure glad that I had put my coffee down....
don't like close encounters of this kind

looking at it now though
it's kind of fascinating

or ?

it's thursday folks
feels like I need to tell, at least myself, that
it's like it's just any day every day around here 
good thing that I have the blog
otherwise I would be totally lost
I guess that's what its supposed to be like when you're on vacation
because it can't be that I'm getting older and more confused
can it ?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A strawberrylicious brake

just because I can...

 picked my first strawberries in the garden and 

made a waffle...

 whipped some cream and

enjoyed a moment in the shade
just because I can
is this what we mean by quality of life ?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swedish cows

are so different from the cows I see in India...and in India I usually see them in the streets...
that won't happen here...

so curious..they all came to us.....see the black one who doesn't want to miss out....

this little calf was a little shy but so wanted to have a look at us...

since I'm talking about cows I thought  have to show the sign I drove by the other day...
it's a warning sign that tells that cattle might be walking across the road for the coming 2.8 kilometers
(we have some spots with huge fields where you can find these signs)

we have cattle grids to keep the cattle within the animal with hoofs can walk across the thing isn't it ?
the other sign is kind of don't see that one everywhere...
no tanks beyond this point  !

after a day with rain and pretty cold weather summer returned today
I'm sure glad it did...
all my vegetables and fruit wants the sunshine 
actually so do I

see you...

Monday, June 23, 2014

My house is a home when

it's filled with life....
  with people, pets, laughter and the smell of food....
 all of a sudden it's almost empty and the home is just a house again..
a shell just waiting to be filled....

I did find an old friend in the green house this morning...
felt good....

I'll never get used to the feeling I get when everybody leaves...
it gets really empty
can't wait until it fills up again

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Midsummer celebrations

what a wonderful day we had 

the weather was not the best...kind of mixed... but

when we where at the meadow the sun actually showed itself least for a while..the swedish tradition is to decorate a pole with flowers and dance around it..

it's really the kids afternoon around the midsummer pole...
my tradition is to make a strawberry cake to bring along with coffee ...

tradition number one is to make our own flower the girls did with flowers from the garden.....

even my son Anton got a wreath ....

even the animal gets flowers....

walking home....the sky was blueish greyish and the rain was really hanging in the air...

then all of a sudden it was just greyish -blackish....

then it was fine again...and I could get my picture with all the kids and their respective....and of course the cats...

friends arrived and we could eat
typical midsummer food and we all had lots of it

 time fly by so fast when you're having fun
all of a sudden it was today
and we said good night

I look forward to next years midsummer already