Monday, June 16, 2014

so far so good in the green house

remember all the wonderful plants I got from my friend ? well, so far I haven't killed anything..
everything has actually grown a lot...maybe one of the tomato plants outside the green house looks a little sad but that's about it...
so of course I just have to show you the green house again today...

the tomatoes are big and high...I have tied them up with string...

on the table I have a of my favourite flowers
in the back the grapes are so many...still small but

getting bigger every day...

all the flowers I got...the Madagascar malva or mallow, 
the Australian kangaroo pear ?
the salvia farinacea ? 
and one I can't remember the name of at the moment have been replanted ....I guess some of these flowers should be outside ? but I just don't know where to plant them ?

I actually made a new corner....found an old table that I could use ...
the rosmary, lavender, the chilli plant, the olive trees will be happy here I think..
and my hanging tomato has many flowers but also many small fruits...can't wait to taste them !

tomato flowers

chilli flowers...

I have some small olives too...wonder if they will grow so that I can pick them ?

maybe I'll show you from outside also...
we, well Mr M built a "cage", a net frame for my strawberries this see, the birds are eating them and I don't like that...I want them for midsummers eve
I can't believe how fast the days are moving when you are on "vacation"
since I'm on a constant one you would think that that would not be the case

maybe it's because we are enjoying life to the fullest at the moment 
hope you are too !

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