Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today has been all about water

because today we've had 27 degrees in the air....
so this morning we jumped on our bikes and headed for a good spot on the beach

the water was so clear...could see the sand dunes under water...but how cold was it? you see we usually have pretty cold water....

warm enough for more than one dip.... we did bring the duck ? see .....

the duck is our thermometer...isn't he adorable ?
we need to now how cold it is...this morning it was 18 degrees in the water
but since the air was so warm it was just fine

found some treasures that went home with me...need them for my garden....
after some coffee I decided to go for a workout....a kayaking workout...

it's a lot of fun and such good workout

 Mr M did a workout too

wow ! what a fantastic day summers day it's been
can't wait for tomorrow
and another workout

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