Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big differences

Back in the hustle and buzzle here in India it really hit me what BIG differences there are between living here and living in Sweden. I guess we all experience this differently but for me it's...... 


I can't put it into words how big this difference is. I think you have to experience it yourself. 

Next one is connected to the traffic and that's all the honking !

There's no other country in the world that uses the horn as much as here ! and to think that in some countries it's offensive to use the horn !

Then it's how far away from the ocean I am.

Back in Sweden it's a 2 minute walk to the shore it's a 2 hour flight to Goa !

Last night I thought off all the sounds that surround me. It's a constant flow of sounds and noise. 
It's never really quiet. 
Here I listen to the peacock in the mornings and in the evening but

in Sweden I hear the seagulls. 

One of the most important things during the day in Sweden is the coffee break - fika 

here I drink coffee by my self and I rarely have any fika to go with it !

Writing this made me realise that there is so much more to tell so there's a chance that I will get back to this subject later ? 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Roses red as....

My climbing red roses are starting to bloom and they are so beautiful...

I must have planted it on the right many buds waiting to bloom...

I really like the red against the white wall 

 as beautiful as can be...don't you agree ?

Can't let go just yet

I just can't let go just yet....more of our "ålastuga" - eel cottage. Yes, you read eel because our house was once a fishermen's cottage. The original part of the house was used for the gear. The birches in our backyard where planted so they could pull out the nets directly from the sea and then hang them in the trees. The original little house was really it sure looks different nowadays. 

our living room with a big cozy sofa and recliner chairs to fall a sleep in...

memories from our trips around the world have a greta spot on the special book shell

the golden buddha just not so golden as the real one in Bangkok

Do you like my fishermen's cottage ?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The fun continues...

Midsummers day has been another fun and wonderful day.
 Though some of us has been a little bit tired from yesterday !

All the youngsters have had another day of laughter and playing card games...

.......... a dip in the sea

a short  wet walk home in the beautiful landscape and all the swedish flags hailed  because it's an official holiday

 some more games and some more laughter in the sun.
 It really warms my heart when I see and hear all the youngsters get along and talk and joke and just have so much fun together and just enjoy each others company. I can only sit back and relax and feed them ones in a while ! I have a wonderful big family ...just so you know it.

Midsummers eve was fun

this pretty much sums up our wonderful midsummers eve..maypole, pretty girls with flowers in the hair, herring in different forms and shapes, my friends salmon cake and strawberries...lots of them, games and fun and lots of laughter, some rain and lots of sunshine, beer and snaps, sparkling wine and macaroons..good friends and family. 
 Thank you all !!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Busy as a bee before

 midsummers eve !
Not really true but...yes I have done some things for tomorrow. If anyone is interested I'll show you tomorrow or..... the day after tomorrow....for all of you out there who doesn't  know about midsummers eve maybe you'll get the hang of it later on.
 I'm so looking forward to having our best friends and family friend Katrin is one talented lady...she's an artist and she makes the most wonderful pieces and on top of that she's gardener-she grows the most amazing vegetables, fruits and herbs in her beautiful garden. 
here are some of her work that I'm happy to own

to bad I don't have any pictures from her garden though...but I'm looking forward to her swedish meatballs......

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This has been the hottest day in Sweden so far

It's 27 degrees ! and that's hot for what else to do then go to the beach and jump in the did I ?

my duck got in and did his job and guess what ? today the water was 3 degrees warmer than last time so of course I jumped in !

it's still a little bit cold so ...I didn't stay in for very long...then both the duck and I got warm in the sun again. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best room in our house

is of course the master bedroom....

The shelf above the bed I made out of drift wood that I found on the beach.

I wonder who these people are ?

the ocean - sea means a lot to can find conchs and shells all over my house..
This big conch is from Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.

this old make up table I got from a dear friend who's not among us anymore..but I think about her every time I sit there and put my make up on...

this morning it was a magical light over the table so I just couldn't resist and had to show you this one also.....

The final product - pink macaroons

yummy macaroons..and they go so well with champagne or sparkling wine 

Fresita (Chilean sparkling wine made on strawberries ) and macaroons with strawberry buttercream and  chocolate buttercream......yummy yummy 
This is Leilas macaroons recipe

Grundrecept macarons , recipe macaroons4 st ekologiska äggvitor    , 4 eggwhites0.5 dl strösocker , 1/2 dl sugar
150 g skållad och malen sötmandel , 150 grams almond floder4 dl florsocker , 4 dl icing sugarGrundrecept smörkräm, recipe butter cream100 g mjukt smör , 100 gr soft butter1.5 dl florsocker ,1 1/2 dl cing sugar1 tsk vaniljsocker, 1 tsp vanilla sugar 1 st ekologisk äggula , 1 egg yolkNågra droppar valfri hushållsfärg , food colour

Gör så här, Do it like this

1. Macarons
Sätt ugnen på 150 grader., put the oven on 150 degrees celsius
2. Vispa äggvitorna på låg hastighet i en bunke och öka efter hand., whisk the egg whites first on low speed and then higher and higher
3. Tillsätt strösocker, lite i taget och vispa till en toppig maräng., add the sugar , a little at a time and whisk until it's a merengue you can turn upside down
4. Blanda försiktigt ner malen mandel och florsocker, gently add the almond flower and icing sugar that have gone thru a flour sifter,
5. Spritsa eller klicka ut smeten till 50 runda klickar, stora som femkronor, på en plåt med Silpat eller bakplåtspapper., sprinkle about 50 round cookies unto a bakingsheet( silipat or oven paper)
6. Låt kakorna vila på plåten 15 minuter för att förhindra dem från att spricka i ugnen.,let the cookies rest for at least 15 minutes ( so they don't crack when in oven )
7. Grädda kakorna i nedre delen av ugnen cirka 12 minuter, de skall vara lite mjuka i mitten. Bake the cookies on the lower part of the oven for about 12 minutes
8. Dra bort Silpat/bakplåtspappret från plåten direkt och låt kakorna svalna.,pull the oven paper from the baking trey and let them cool
9. Smörkräm, Butter cream
Vispa smör, florsocker och vaniljsocker vitt och pösigt. Whisk butter, icing sugar and vanilla until it's all white and fluffy
10. Vispa ner äggulan.,whisk in the egg yolk
11. Färga med karamellfärg och smaksätt med valfri smak/essens.,put in the food colour and whatever taste ingredients
12. Spritsa ut krämen på undersidan av 25 mandelkakor., sprinkle on half of the cookies
13. Lägg resten av mandelkakorna över som lock., put the other half on as a lid

You can keep them in the freezer in or in the refrigerator.

Guess what I have been up to ?

You don't see the egg whites but they are a major ingredient in these...?
another clue

got this from Axels girlfriend for Christmas ! Love it...
Since we're having some friends and family over for Midsummer I thought I'd make ...yes...macaroons..

The thing about macaroons is that sometimes they come out good and sometimes they just look awful.
Guess what todays pink macaroons look like ?

First ones that out of the oven and YES they look like macaroons should....

don't you think ?
I'm so happy that I have my Kitchen Aid when I"m doing this because it is awesome when making meringue or anything that needs to be whisked for a pretty long time..

I do have the Kitchen Aid mixer also !! but I'll show you when I'm making drinks...
Does anybody want the recipe for making macaroons ?
Guess what I'll give it to you later on when I show you the finished macaroons. OK ?