Friday, July 31, 2015

Christinehof castle

since I was in the neighbourhood the other day 
I decided to pay a visit to this beautiful castle from 1737 !
when the kids where small they loved to visit and look at the wild boars together with my dad 
the castle is nowadays equipped with an echo park
and you can actually go on a "bat safari" ! with the navigators of the dark

a kitchen from way back in time

many feet has walked these stairs....

I'm so happy that they have a café so that I could have a break while it was raining cats and dogs
so no walk in the echo park this time

until next time
enjoy your Friday evening

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hallamölla Waterfall....

I went for a drive today and ended up at
Hallamölla waterfall
 which is the largest waterfall around this part of Skåne that is
the height of the fall is 23 meters !!

it sure is beautiful around here
when walking around in the forest it feels like walking in John Bauers fairytale illustrations
(read about Princess Tuvstarr and the Fishpond for instance)
I wouldn't have been surprised if I had met a troll today

turned out to be  a green day with lots of fresh air 

a little tip by the way...
you can go for a ride on an Icelandic horse in this area too
and that would have been so much fun
did that a while ago with some relatives and maybe 
we can do that soon again?!
what do you say Emilia?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You have got to meet Lucy....Boll (Swedish for Ball)

a fluffy tiny little curious ball of fur

she's the newest member in my best friends family

she hangs out, literally... wherever K or G hangs out


and so curious

got to explore everything

practising on catching mice

she tries out all the furniture....climbs them, scratches them,hides in them or sleeps on them

tastes everything...including me...

no wonder she gets tired...once in a while...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hörte Brygg o Jäscafé served smoked and barbecued vegetables !

this was a first for all of us
the "smoke"bar served smoked and barbecued vegetables
and it was incredibly tasty

we had smoked and barbecued cabbage, salmon and mackerel

from front to back: smoked celeriac, yellow beets and carrots, all with a twist
I think my favourite was the cabbage !

we had some bread and tasty cheeses too

love the concept of this place
it feels exotic even though they are using products from the area

grrrrrreat dinner
and so exciting to taste something totally different for once

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The southernmost point in Sweden - Smygehuk

we had a great drive to the southernmost point in Sweden
as most of you noticed on Facebook

we did stop and had a real touristy walk around the place

love this old building

windy but what a summers day it turned out to be

the birthday boy was pleased with the lunch 
sitting right at this spot ...with this view..not bad ha ?
 A had a salmon pastry....E and I had the seafood pastry with a little sting
yummy yummy

what are you up to today ?
I'm getting ready for two  weddings !
my cousins are having a double wedding
keep your fingers crossed that the bad weather they have warned us for keeps it's distance

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Traffic Sweden

like we need them, hahaha

 really was me and the cows....that's it

it was at least 200 cows so I got stuck a couple of minutes

but it was quite beautiful and I'm on vacation so no hurry

Ecological veggies from my friends garden

today I got the best gift from my dear friend Katrin

she gave me a whole bunch of homegrown ecological beetroots
red, yellow and polka dot 

grown here 

she has so much going on in her garden
so much fun to walk around...I have shown it before and I will again...real soon
that's a promise

the best friend one can have...Katrin.. in her favourite the shade surrounded by roses and kiwis

I made a salad of it all....cooked the red and yellow
 the polka dot ones I sliced real thin
the leafs where the base of the salad
I topped it of with feta cheese and some oil and herb salt

served with a salsiccia sausage 
oh my good and so simple
you better try it