Sunday, July 12, 2015

Before and after

sorry to disappoint you
no pictures of me before and after a makeover ! hahaha
it's all about my wooden deck

I've been out playing with my new toy
my high pressure hose
my lovely  larch deck is/was so dirty
but look at that !
and I've only used water

it sure was a lot easier with this magical machine
last time we cleaned it my mother and I did it by hand and it took forever
I managed to do about 1/5th of the deck before it started raining
so now I'm on a rain break talking to you

my new rubber boots that I found on sale yesterday where perfect today
love my new Ilse Jacobsen 
( thanks to Felicia who showed me this new store out in the countryside
namely in Löderups Strandbad )

lets hope I can go out and finish off the first half of the deck today !

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