Monday, December 7, 2015

The three wise men and their camels ?

last I saw them they where still in Pushkar
and oh my... the young camels looked really tired
sure hope they make it all the way
I mean it's close to Christmas and they have a long walk ahead of them

"hey,I've got a camel on my back !"

adorable, don't you think ?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Remember my paper stars ?

after some "CPR" my computer came back to life again
well, kind off
did my best so we'll see how long it hangs in there...
( feeling sad )

some of you might and some of you won't remember my paper stars
 since it's the second Sunday in advent 
and I also brought our Christmas tree to life again
( no CPR though....just unfolded and decorated it !! )
I thought I'd show you the D.I.Y project
( I'll post some pictures of the tree on Instagram )

Good luck and enjoy !

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today it's all about men

in red, yellow, green, saffron, orange, multi coloured turbans
if you are in Pushkar this is a must to get pictures of
different colours, different styles, different lengths, you name it
Pushkar is the place where you find them all (almost)
so here goes
a medley of "my" men in the desert

I totally love all the earrings.....

amazing adventures I get to go on

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Early morning at the trainstation in Pushkar

is not so full of colours or life apparently
usually it's hectic, busy and chaotic around a train station 24-7 in India 
not here because there haven't been any trains coming or leaving Pushkar since they built the station
( 2 years ago ! )
but we where told that from that day ( last monday ) there will be daily trains from Ajmer,
which is about 10 km away by car,
one to Pushkar in the morning and one returning to Ajmer in the afternoon !

 we where told that the sunrise would be at 5.52 but guess what ?
yes, it was about 7.15 when we finally saw that sun coming up behind the mountains
it was beautiful though and 
 I did have a great morning with my new friends

seems like they spell Pushkar a little differently....Pukhraj

an almost quiet fair ground...almost with the exception of  the mosque calling out for prayers

"here comes the sun little darling"

it was us, these three dogs and

some children

three happy early birds: Anke, Lara and MiDo

Friday, November 27, 2015

A morning ride around Pushkar fair

part of our package was a two hour camel ride to and around the fair grounds
so after breakfast these guys where waiting for us

my Kizna...

it was actually a pretty cold morning after a cold night in the desert

for those of you who haven't been on a camel I can tell you that they are big animals,
long legs !
and you have to be prepared to lean back when they get up or lay down

I did get a good view from up there....or a different view of the fair grounds
just tricky to get any good pictures since the camels do move,
the ships of the desert move a little differently 

" this field I'm walking tomorrow morning "

it was quite amazing to see all these young camels in one field
we did miss the camel race though....but I'm not sure there was any because I couldn't find it in the program...would have been fun to see !
well, I guess I just have to go and visit my friend Kathy when there's a race coming up in Abu Dhabi, Oman or Dubai.

if you wonder if I got sore after the ride ?
I did...but not to bad

enjoy your cozy Friday dear reader