Sunday, November 29, 2015

Early morning at the trainstation in Pushkar

is not so full of colours or life apparently
usually it's hectic, busy and chaotic around a train station 24-7 in India 
not here because there haven't been any trains coming or leaving Pushkar since they built the station
( 2 years ago ! )
but we where told that from that day ( last monday ) there will be daily trains from Ajmer,
which is about 10 km away by car,
one to Pushkar in the morning and one returning to Ajmer in the afternoon !

 we where told that the sunrise would be at 5.52 but guess what ?
yes, it was about 7.15 when we finally saw that sun coming up behind the mountains
it was beautiful though and 
 I did have a great morning with my new friends

seems like they spell Pushkar a little differently....Pukhraj

an almost quiet fair ground...almost with the exception of  the mosque calling out for prayers

"here comes the sun little darling"

it was us, these three dogs and

some children

three happy early birds: Anke, Lara and MiDo

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