Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sanganer, a favourite village of mine

so much that I'm showing you picutures for the 4th, or is it 5th time ?
if I go to Jaipur with visitors I just have to show this place so.....
Sanganer is all about block prints, block printing, dye and wash, fabrics and handmade paper 
incredible craftsmanship in incredible India

on the way out we met a fellow who had his block printing business across the street....
great !

the blockprinters are so skilled ....

colours and patterns it.....

this is how they measure the fabric for the printing

so much fabric all over this place ....dying and washing, hanging and on the ground

they really work that fabric

  drying handmade papers on the ground

one of the many patterns on the ground

lovely workers

if you like fabric, patterns and colours, or maybe you want to get your own design made on a block for printing, this is the village to visit

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