Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In the eyes of a child

I actually see myself

well, at least the reflection....

but he truly touched my heart !

had some wonderful encounters with some poor workers and their children while checking out all the areas at our new school

he wasn't scared at all

on the curious of me and the camera

others where more sceptical

and I don't blame them...
a funny looking blond woman crawling around on the floor !!

since I had noticed that the children don't have anything to play with I decided that next time I would bring some balls and some other toys for the kids to play with
(they loved the balls by the way)
many children grow up like this, with their parents at different construction sites
they move from one site to the next one in order to have work

toys are really rare and many times often clothes and shoes are too
since winter is coming along parents and staff from Kunskapsskolan donated clothes that where given to them on the day of the Puja

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