Friday, November 27, 2015

A morning ride around Pushkar fair

part of our package was a two hour camel ride to and around the fair grounds
so after breakfast these guys where waiting for us

my Kizna...

it was actually a pretty cold morning after a cold night in the desert

for those of you who haven't been on a camel I can tell you that they are big animals,
long legs !
and you have to be prepared to lean back when they get up or lay down

I did get a good view from up there....or a different view of the fair grounds
just tricky to get any good pictures since the camels do move,
the ships of the desert move a little differently 

" this field I'm walking tomorrow morning "

it was quite amazing to see all these young camels in one field
we did miss the camel race though....but I'm not sure there was any because I couldn't find it in the program...would have been fun to see !
well, I guess I just have to go and visit my friend Kathy when there's a race coming up in Abu Dhabi, Oman or Dubai.

if you wonder if I got sore after the ride ?
I did...but not to bad

enjoy your cozy Friday dear reader

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