Sunday, November 8, 2015

Early morning life in Amber

early morning life is what I like best
especially when I'm out exploring
 there's something special with the light !
so of course we decided to do one early morning in Amber
we wanted to see Hati coming into the village....hati means elephant in Hindi
turned out to be hati's...

an old Hindustan car and a tree with grooming and playing langurs 
if you can see any ?

sunrises in India are kind of pinkish

morning routine....getting water...

try this one !

I looked up and saw this fellow looking at us.....

out on the mainstreet hati rush hour had just begun

food for the animals and flowers for the morning prayer

of course cows roam the streets also ...and of course they get fed

fast food to go

yes we did as the villagers..we bought some food and fed the elephants
seems like many of the villagers really take care of the elephants 

it's a special feeling to touch an elephant trunk

water on the go

morning mala's

it was filling up inside the elephant parking lot

the mahots have to watch out so they don't get a bump in the head

can you imagine walking to school together with an elephant ?

she had gotten a favourite on the way...a sugar cane

this is what I call street food

commuting in different ways

and happy school children 

loads of memorable moments

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