Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pottery village outside of Amber, Rajasthan

sorry for the absence but we have been busy
and my computer is still not feeling good at all
so it's a little frustrating
we have been on the road to Amber - Jaipur in Rajasthan much fun !
today I'll show you a pottery village we found outside of Amber

we saw this guy along the road and of course we just had to stop and explore....

amazing skills....

beautiful water jars

then we got invited into the village to see what else they had
and boy ! was that fun or what...

Indian ATM's....piggie banks...

dias for Diwali....

this guy was making double burned water jars....
see the paddle he's holding ?
they where still soft so he was using the to make them all round and even....

we being my daughter and I fell in love with these so we got one each to bing home 

cooling of after the burning....dias-candle holders, chai cups....disposable ones
you pay rs 5 only and you get chai and cup and when done you throw it away !

well.... it kind of turned into a circus as always but it was fun
and they got payed a little more....but
it's Diwali and the potterer was happy

amazing encounters

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