Tuesday, November 17, 2015

exploring an amazing fort and a palace of winds

 we just had to explore Amber Fort 
it truly is impressive and amazing
takes a good chunk out of your exploring time because it's huge
and the more tourists - the longer the time needed
being november tourist season has started - we could tell !
(sometimes I forget that I also count as a tourist....hahaha me ?
I look and talk like a local don't I ?)

my lovely daughter

if you want to see more pictures from the fort or from Hava Mahal be sure to have a look in the labels
must do in Rajasthan

the most clicked picture from Jaipur....the Hava Mahal - Palace of Winds exterior

to the top you have to climb a couple of floors

like the ladies in the old times....having a peek out into the streets without being seen
they could not have been very big.....

another great shot of a great daughter

to me Jaipur looks like a Christmas ginger bread house
called the pink city but more ginger snap coloured I think !

the traffic in Jaipur is as bad as everywhere else in India

 we had yet another fantastic day though

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