Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today was a really tough day

or not.....this is where and how we spent the day...

and when we didn´t or couldn´t be out in the sun anymore we went inside the spa

nice to relax ..... I saw this sign...

like who would in this tiny pool

see this is what a swimmer needs...towels,slippers,lotion,shampoo... and

a really nice locker room. I wonder if this is what it will look like in Ystad when the new pool is built ?
Can you see me ?

Life could be worse .....

Hard bread and Kalles Kaviar

Life is good !


We wish everyone around the world a happy easter or as we say 

Oh, Katrin I wish you could bring the smorgasbord to us here in India. Eat some swedish meatballs and salmon and the matjesillstårta and........for me. I guess we will be having something more exotic !

 to everyone all over our planet


What´s in my bag ?

Someone asked "What did you buy yesterday"

Since Sephora hasn´t opened up it´s first store in Sweden yet.....

Just some things a girl can´t live without. Remember Sephora and the plump lip story at Stanford Mall ,Mikaela ? That was so funny.

also a beautiful top.....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Chattarpur Temple and shopping

This morning we went to Chattarpur Temple. I would rather say temple area because it consists of a lot off different temples.

Then we went shopping at select city walk in Saket, Delhi. It´s a huge mall. Really nice and I think 
it´s my favorite of all the malls. While we where shopping we heard what we thought was rain was and it wasn´t only rain. It was hailing!! All the kids where out collecting the hail.....and then 45 minutes later it was sunshine and 29 degrees again. Strange weather even in Delhi.

These last 2 pictures are Elisabet´s taken with her iPhone.

Holi made fashion

My holi made t-shirt turned out so good that I´m going to keep it !

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lotus Temple, Lodi gardens and Qutub Minar

We have been busy today ! We started off with the Lotus Temple or Bahaí House of Worship.

Then off we went to Lodi gardens. It´s a beautiful park right in the middle of Delhi.

After a long walk in the park we decided to have some lunch at Lodi garden restaurant. Really nice !
A glass of wine and good food and a wonderful setting...felt like I was on vacation. I will for certain come back to this spot.

We ended the sightseeing for today with a visit to Qutub Minar, which is the highest minar in the world. It stands 73 m high, tapering in diameter from 14 m at the base to just 2,5 m at the top.

But the day is not over yet.....I wonder what will do tonight ?

Happy Birthday Anton !!!

and after

It was was water and color everywhere.  We sure had a good time and enjoyed ourselves.

When we stepped into the car going home we remembered that we didn´t bring anything to sit on.hmmmm the car had a lot of colors inside once we got out.

Then it was time for the big project and that was to wash off all the colors. First time ever that I´ve seen such colorful water and guess what ....most washed off..I said most..Mats now has a greenishyellowish mustache.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Colors ....good colors...colors that washes out.....colors that´s not bad for your skin....yes lot to learn fro this festival. I keep wondering though....does this really wash out......or is it just a scam to get us expats really colorful for a long time afterwards....I guess we will find out.

I wonder what this really says.....

They look so ready .....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The night before Holi

and we are prepared ! 

Waterguns, colors, water balloons, beer, clothes that we can throw away !
Holi is a spring festival also known as the festival of colors. We are prepared to get very wet and very colorful and to have a ball. I have to tell you more about on thursday.......

Swedish son with girlfriend, candy,hard bread and cooffe

Life doesn´t get any better than was so nice to greet them at the airport. Then to get some things from back home...hmmm.....I forgot to put the caviar ( in the tooth paste tube ) in the picture though. I´ve been trying to keep them alive during the day - they are really jet lagged. They still have a couple of hours to go !

I have a surprise for them for later on and that will wake them up......

Monday, March 25, 2013

Egg hunt anyone ?

I just had to make some Bollywood easter eggs. I have glitter all over the house now !! and on me. With Axel and Elisabet arriving tomorrow I had to decorate a little. As I always do. I know that my daughter have painted some eggs to. I don´t think she used as much glitter as I did , because she can actually paint , which I can´t ? It´s my friend Katrin that started this " trend " with emptying real eggs and then painting them. Way back we actually painted duck eggs ! A lot bigger than these. Those where the days....

We´ll see if we will have an actual egg hunt though ?

I´m cleaning house and enjoying myself

Yes I know it sounds really crazy but our  youngest son Axel and his girlfriend Elisabet is flying in tomorrow morning. They are here for both Holi and Easter and yeyyyy it´s going to be so nice just to see them again... it´s been a while. And we do miss our kids and their husband and girlfriends. Usually I don´t enjoy cleaning but this time I did. I turned on the radio, Mix Megapol from Sweden and I found myself singing even. It´s done and I´m really warm so

this was good.......
By the way for all of you who don´t know what Holi is I will, for certain, tell you a whole lot about that after wednesday. Might even be a sneak peek before.

What am I up to ?

Inspired by glitter and glamour and with easter coming up ! Katrin, my wonderful friend, do you remember 26 years ago ? That´s one of the best stories we have together......that was fun by the way. Maybe we will tell rest of the world about it one day...? You all have until tonight to figure out what I am up to.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jhumroo at Kingdom of Dreams

Thank you Lisa ( and Geetu Taneja ) for tickets to the show tonight. It was so much fun and I understand what you mean by a must to see when living in India. I´m glad that we could get earphones with hinglish sound though! You are not allowed to take pictures of the show but I did get some pictures from the lobby ( which was a first for us )

Before entering the show we got a warm welcome from

( all pictures tonight are from my iPhone )