Monday, November 16, 2015

from sunrise to sunset in Amber, Rajasthan

spectacular sunrise in pale pinkish 

seems like the langurs enjoy it too.....

I bought some dried red Rajasthani chillies

the roasted warm peanuts tasted so good.....

the baoli, step well is bigger than you think
see how small they look at the top of the stairs ?

what a view !

the temple with the beautiful carvings and the big elephants
and langurs....see them ?

seems like the langurs where at the same spots as us most of the day


we met this happy lovely young lady who showed us her one day old goat

I got to hold it and it kissed my ear...

at Anokhi museum we looked at blocks being made and tried block printing

walked back to our little hotel, Adbhut Hotel, and waited for the sun to set

sunset was just as spectacular

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