Thursday, November 26, 2015

Colourful women at Pushkar fair

thought I'd show you some of the colourful women I met at the fair in Pushkar
it's like a colour explosion
so far from the black and white Sweden I come from
but then we don't have any desert where we need clothes that stand out to be seen

pink, white, coral and purple arm bangles for these happy married ladies

wow ! just look at that necklace and headpiece

seemed like the women where in charge of getting new tools

in the making for selling

selling food for the cattle

such cute feet

morning snack...sugar cane

in the stadium while we where waiting for some performance I met this happy crowd
(had to use my flash so the pictures are what they are.....)

encounters I will never forget

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  1. Great pictures! Pushkar Mela was amazing, wasn't it? I have also been there with my family. Took tons of pictures, too... Would love to meet you one day. Maybe we can go on a short daytrip together to take pictures. You know so many little treasures around Delhi....