Saturday, July 11, 2015

A paradise with french poultry

my best friend Katrin and her husbands home is a haven 
it's filled with tranquility and serenity
trees, flowers and vegetables everywhere
good food and the best company just adds on


it has been a good year for the roses !
that's also a whom ?

artichokes....yummy yummy....
yes my friend really has green fingers...everything grows....

since I haven't seen her daughters hens and roosters we just had to pay a visit 

they are just adorable and BIG

the roosters where even bigger and so handsome

just look at that face....hahaha...curious....

so cute with all those puffy feathers don't you think ?

I think it's a french breed called Faverolle ?
can't wait to see what the eggs will look like
hopefully I'll be able to show you

enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening

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