Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Ystad to Old Delhi with love

more precisely I'll show you pictures from 
one of the Heritage walks with Surekha Narain
we walked from Turkman Gate to Jama Mashid in Old Delhi
we visited sufi shrines, tomb of Razia Sultana, havelis with history and tasted street food
up for a walk ? put on your best walking shoes and
get some water ( coffee )

from the metro we jumped into  bike rickshaws 

Swedes, Russians, Canadians, Brits
what a mix....

fast food a la India

this was the starting point of this walk...Turkman Gate 

colour and greenery in this harsh environment

pretty close to Turkman gate is the Holy Trinity church 
first stone laid in 1904 by a British widow

Sarekha our guide and the most beautiful old lady...around 95 or so...she wasn't sure...
 she helps out very day at the church

working on her saree without spectacles....

she told us the story about the church and she sang for us

back out into the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets....or alleys... 

encounters with the people

and  animals...poor goat...

one of the tombs we stopped at.... 
look at that stone work it

 we walked from muslim to hindu settlement or zigzagged our way ?

from wider roads to narrow alleys

I saw places I would like to explore more

there where vendors with big stores and

vendors with lot less space !

old beautiful havelis 

that you would like to have a sneak peak inside to see if anything is kept

recycling fabric for envelopes

so pretty and all done by hand of course


need a box anyone? love them
this is recycling at it's best

our final stop before having lunch was at Shah Waliullah public library's just one room filled from floor to roof 

filled with impressions and quite hungry we jumped on some rickshaws and headed for lunch 
but it sure was a nice walk
Surekha knows her things so I really recommend her walks

have a look at delhi metro walks and get inspired
I'm making plans for my next one
hopefully with a dear friend of mine

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