Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ecological veggies from my friends garden

today I got the best gift from my dear friend Katrin

she gave me a whole bunch of homegrown ecological beetroots
red, yellow and polka dot 

grown here 

she has so much going on in her garden
so much fun to walk around...I have shown it before and I will again...real soon
that's a promise

the best friend one can have...Katrin.. in her favourite the shade surrounded by roses and kiwis

I made a salad of it all....cooked the red and yellow
 the polka dot ones I sliced real thin
the leafs where the base of the salad
I topped it of with feta cheese and some oil and herb salt

served with a salsiccia sausage 
oh my good and so simple
you better try it

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