Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My roses are happy

all of my roses seem to be many flowers on the bushes and
they are all in full part is that there's also many buds.....

there's actually two kinds of roses in front, a yellow-white one and a peach one, and the deep pink ones we planted last summer...the ones growing against the shed is Paul's  scarlet climber
the other ones I don't know actually

the bees, bumble bees and the wasps etc are also happy....

they fly from flower to flower....

if you know the name of them please let me know !

in front at the old "garage"we have a Sympathy  

I think that this is my favourite the deep red colour...

wednesday and we're off to our very best friends....
can't wait to see her garden and her vegetables
I promise to take many pictures
have a wonderful in the middle of the week day

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