Sunday, March 22, 2015

our community, The Summit from the outside looking in

someone asked what it looks like where we live 
so I thought I'd show you our community, The Summit in Gurgaon, from the outside looking in
we took a little walk since we've had blue skies, some wind and about 28 degrees today
really nice actually
yes, I know, I'm rubbing it in and I'm going to keep on doing it

we live in a gated community as most expats do 
here's the entrance with our guards 
we have security 24 hours both at the gate and in our lobby

up there on the 20th floor right wing is where we live
the big double balcony is ours and then all the way around the corner
we have 6 bathrooms !!! and 5 balconies...not bad ha !
love the greenery inside and outside 
soon my favourite tree starts to flower

is it a bird or a beer ? see it ?
it's Indias national bird the kingfisher 

which is also the name of the local beer...which is really good.....
the bird is beautiful with it's blue back and big red beak

we have lots of flowers inside the community
so I thought I'd give you some feeling of summer

love these pink poppies...especially against the grey asphalt !

way up the where we are sitting right now at this moment

drinking these delhilicious pineapple frozen margaritas, made with fresh sweet pineapple
I told you I was going to rub it in !!

hope your Sunday is as good as ours

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