Thursday, March 12, 2015

the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and sleep

the importance of a well balanced diet , exercise and sleep seems to be what
a lot of young people need to learn more about
every day I meet students that are stressed, don't get enough sleep 
and just don't feel good about themselves
some of them haven't thought about how the above can make a difference  or
what the consequences are if one or all of the above are out of sync,
but all of them know that if  I have a car I need to fill it with gas and oil otherwise it won't run,
and that it needs some service done to it once in a while....

vegetables and fruit can be bought everywhere in India

free food - bread being prepared at my favourite temple in the jungle

the younger kids at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon playing some kind of ball game

dance is a fun way to some kids at Kunskapsskolan who have dance class twice a week !! (my daughter was visiting at this time and she so wanted to try this out...she loved it !)

maybe not the best place to get some sleep.....

a power nap at lunch ?

Dear reader
Do you have a well balanced diet ?
Do you exercise on a regular basis?
Do you get enough hours of good sleep?

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