Monday, March 23, 2015

Craft museum in Delhi

today I was so happy that I could tag along with my friend Kathy and her Canadian visitors to 
the Craft Museum in Delhi
it's actually my favourite museum in Delhi 
and I think I have been there a dozen times before
but I seem to find something new every time I visit

I think this is THE piece at the museum
 imagine elephants or buffaloes pulling this wagon with some deity inside way back in time
(and just look at that blue sky !!)

crafters - vendors as always selling their craft and also showing  how they do it
this lovely lady was painting the clay with natural "paint" made out of flowers and herbs

she was so shy and she giggled when I showed her the pictures

this pottery guy was making a huge pot...biggest one I have seen being handmade actually...

I also found a nicely painted wall....something new

as always when I'm out and about with Kathy I had a great day
thank you Kathy, Wilma and Corey for a wonderful day
I especially enjoyed the card game !!
( they let me win once)

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