Friday, September 4, 2015

Active kids at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon

it was fantastic to be greeted by all the activity on the school grounds
even though it was 38 degrees C outside 
kids are kids 
they want to be active and have fun when they have free time
I saw kids running,climbing,swinging,digging,walking,balancing,playing 
made me so happy and I was amazed of how many kids I saw

popular play area

the outdoor gym is fantastic !
the kids seem to love it

this is hard work 

even I wanted to get in there and try everything out
guess I'll do it after school hours one of these days
(when no one else is at school that is)

happy faces and lots of laughter all around

soccer is as popular as everywhere else

Best Friends even if they come different parts of the world

all places that can be used for climbing and playing are used by the kids

I was all smiles after meeting all these fantastic kids that talk to you and want to know everything about you, where you've been all this time,if my MiniCooper is doing fine etc etc etc etc etc

good to be back

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