Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Holy Cow .... I'm back

in India 
and hopefully also here on the blog
the later depends on whether the internet is working or not !

I have been busy since I arrived 
mostly because Austrian airlines lost my bag
and they still haven't found it !

so yesterday I did a good dead, well hopefully it was anyway
I tried to please the gods by buying food for the holy cows and also feeding them
 I paid for the food and my driver Pawan fed them 
(someone had to get the pictures right ?)
talk about Holy Cows
2500 of them in this refuge place for cows
they are fed and get water and help if sick

one happy holy cow

better here than roaming the streets trying to find food and water

see the cheeky one behind Pawan....or smart one...
I mean it was served right there

Pawan moved and so did the calf....feisty little one....or just plain hungry....

yupp...Ferdinand was also here

holy cow...
it sure feels good to be back


  1. You should have been here ....funny since we talked about the cows over breakfast ...miss you ! loads of hugs