Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lunch at Lodhi with some dhanesh

a lunch at Lodhi garden restaurant is never wrong

it's so green and lush 

when you sit outside upstairs it's almost like sitting in a tree house
if you're lucky you can spot some birds

and I sure did
 spotted some big, not danish....even though it really sounded like there where danes sitting in the tree when the waiter told me the name of these birds

dhanesh is grey hornbill in hindi
they have two beaks
zoom in a little and you can see...
(they where pretty far away from us so you have to do with the picture I managed to get)
maybe then you'll find the other bird that was hiding even for the photographer
haha, I didn't see it until now when doing the post
 reminds me of Christmas !!??
you know, the parrot that takes a step to the side into the greenery and you only see the eyes
in the Donald Duck cartoon
(well, everybody in Sweden knows what I'm talking about)

I really think it's worth a visit
have a walk in the huge garden filled with monuments and then go for some lunch
we do every tim we have visitors

Enjoy what's left of your weekend dear reader !

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