Saturday, August 31, 2013

A visit to the American Embassy School..

Yesterday I visited the American embassy School in Delhi - AES. I got an invitation to come and meet the Athletic Director at school to talk about swimming and coaching.

 It was such a nice visit....I met  with the Athletic  Director Brent and I got to meet the Head Coach and also two of the other swim coaches. Saw some of the campus, which is BIG, and of course I saw the pools.

 I actually helped out for an hour so that I got to see some of  the swimmers in action and get a feel of what it's all about at school. Met some really nice swimmers who of course wondered what I was doing there.

It was fun to help out with the coaching so I'm keeping my fingers crossed ....maybe I'm back at AES already next week...
I just have to tell you what happened before I even got in at school....
Just to get into the campus involves a lot of security ( especially this being the embassy school ). So when Im at the security gate I remembered that I needed a  photo identity to leave at the gate.....hmmm..didn't bring my passport and my drivers license is in another bag.....what will I do....then I remembered that my credit card here has my picture on I ended up leaving my credit card at the gate, and that was a first I tell you....

the pictures you see are from schools website and from unknowns...I didn't dare to bring my camera the first day visiting because I don't know the rules about taking pictures on campus.

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