Saturday, January 10, 2015

I bought a wonderful ikat fabric at Sarita Handa

one of the last days before leaving Gurgaon I payed a visit to Sarita Handa
I so wanted to bring some of their ikat fabric home 

love the display in the window.....
the white bike with all the different fabric cushions !
( not easy to get a picture from below since they are on the second floor )

this has got to be one of the best ads I've seen....
I so like it
I took a picture of it at the entrance 

the entrance to the store....
the display really appeals to me...
I did buy my fabric ! 
but I'll show you what I've done with it once I'm done
one thing is for sure....I'll buy some more fabric when I'm back again
by the way, the flagship store is on MG Road Sultanpur
if you feel like having a peak

today is a stormy day here in the south of Sweden so I think
we'll spend most of the day indoors
I'll feed the fire and refill my coffeecup 

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