Monday, January 5, 2015

we showed our friends the "jungle temple"

when our best friends from Sweden visited us two months ago we just had to show them to our drivers temple, the "jungle temple" 
and since we are on our way to those friends today 
I thought it was a good day to reminisce....

on our way out we saw this cute salesman

a " monitor lizard", varan crossed the dirt road...thanks to Katrin we managed to get two pictures

our driver doesn't like them....told us that they can kill children !! their saliva is not good for you !
he was quite big.....not like the commode dragons ....he just looked like one

getting water for the cattle just outside the temple...

I think my friend and her husband really enjoyed this visit to the "jungle"

the temple cows

where all tied up and outside because the stable where under reconstruction....

the natural spring...holy water.....

it was one of those days when the temple treats everyone to free they where

busy making the breads..

love the light in this part of the "jungle"

it's really a nice place to visit ....I'm sure happy that my driver showed me his temple
to where he used to walk from his village...

today is yet another holiday so now I'm off to see my friend
see ya'

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