Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mehrangarh Fort, part 2

the fort was so impressive that it deserves loads of pictures
so today I'll show you some pictures from "inside" the huge walls

the canons are many around the fort

all the men working at the fort was wearing the yellow turban

the museum is one of the best ones in Rajasthan ...showing old royal palanquins,
elephant howdah's, costumes,paintings etc etc

elephant howdah with sun protection

found one old piece of the original painting...

Phul Mahal....the Palace of flowers....a grand reception room

it's so decorated and so over the top with adornments 
I'm full of admiration of the craftsmanship in the ancient days...

Moti  Mahal..

Sheesh Mahal...this was Maharadja Ajit Singh's bedroom...

the original paintings are so beautiful....I'm sure happy that they've left some of them intact...
the new ones are not as good 
an old royal swing on the ground 

a truly magnificent place


  1. Min favorit - helt klart gubbe nr.2!! ;)

  2. Wow..Amazing pics. Meherangarh is one of the main tourist attractions in Jodhpur city. Though, there are plenty ofplaces to visit in Jodhpur, that should not be left unexplored.