Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pottery makers and weavers in the desert

first day in Jodphur a jeepdrive took us to a pottery place
maybe the oldest line of work in the world

like making a dough for baking

he then set the wheal spinning using this stick

back in the jeep and the scorching heat...42degrees celsius !

weaving village

this guy is a famous artist..met Prins Charles and showed him his work when he was in India
nowadays it's a collective of families working together 
only way they can make a living and keep the tradition of weaving alive

cotton, wool or camel hair is used

the sales hut...he had so many nice carpets...I now regret that we didn't buy
one of the beautiful ones we looked at...
well well...maybe I will come back to this place again 
who knows ?

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