Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kunskapsskolans global network enables global learning which enables experiences of a life time.

For the past two weeks Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon has been more international than ever.
We've had the pleasure of having students and teachers from our "sister schools" in the UK helping out as teachers ! Six students and three teachers from Ipswich Academy, Twickenham Academy and Elisabeth Woodville has joined the staff and students at school. 

Mona organising who goes where...

Hindi class must be very different from an english class.....

preparing .....

talking about learning....What ways can I learn what I need to learn ? Can I listen to it ?
Write it down ? What else - what other ways ?

"Will you play soccer with us because now it's time for PE"...

Everybody loved this....hand paint and handprints....it was paint all over....

 I think this has been a trip of a life time for our guests and for our kids and teachers it been an experience of a life time. 
The students have been staying with Indian families so they would have a chance to experience what life is like in India. 
They've had a pretty hectic schedule with lots of sight seeing, shopping, day trip to Agra and attending a wedding besides the work at school.... they still have a couple of days left.....but as always.... time goes by to fast when you're having fun.

It would be so much fun to see some students and teachers from Kunskapsskolan Ystad here in Gurgaon ....don't you think ?

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