Monday, December 22, 2014

A morning walk along the shore

this morning the sun was out and no wind
 I just had to go for a long walk and just inhale the beauty

see what's going on in the sun beam ?
zoom in ....
kind of cool , don't you think ?

yes, it was this guy...the merganser drying it's wings....
here or on Yamuna river they do the same thing

not many boats in our little harbour this time of year
only the gulls where there today...
and all I could think of was " mine, mine, mine"
remember what movie ?

it sure is pretty around here...even in the winter...

this was actually the first walk along the shore with sun and no wind since I got back 
it was so nice....around 6 degrees celsius... 
life around the sea is something special I tell you.

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