Sunday, December 14, 2014

Panna Mian ki Baori - The step well in Amber

before leaving Amber I got to see the step well right next to the temple and really close to Anokhi museum...
I have been in the area a couple of times before but I didn't know about this one...

constructed in the 16th century

this step well has become well known and famous for featuring in many and television shows !
guess the dogs where the stars of the day..

this one was in very good shape so I guess it has been restored not long ago...
hmm, how many baolis have I seen now ?
guess I need to count them..

enjoy your sunday dear reader
I'm, we are about to be seated in front of the TV to watch some winter sports...
cross country skiing, down hill skiing and biathlon...
so much fun 
see you !

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