Sunday, December 21, 2014

My last visit to Chandni Chowk

I must admit that it's been more difficult than I imagined to sit here in my home in Sweden
and write about things I 've done in India ....
(family, christmas, friends, work, kids and cats etc. keeps me busy)
so from now on I will do a mix...I think....
hope it sounds ok with you dear reader....

this post is about my last visit to Old Delhi - Chandni Chowk
 I needed to get some christmas gifts 
(can't tell you what !!)
it's such an intense and fun place

these cookies kind of look like a kind my grandmother made....

anything goes...

bike rickshaws everywhere you look....

in front Indias largest mosque, Jama Masjid
I think it holds around 25.000 devotees on the "praying courtyard"

mattresses can be beautiful too....

any which way you can.....

Kathy and I left Chandni Chowk with filled bags
and smiles on our faces
just because 
it has got to be one of the most intense places on earth
I sure hope I will be back one day
the differences between Old Delhi and Abbekås are so vast, that it's hard to explain 
it's really two different worlds, two very different ways of living
from 26 million people in the Delhi area to 700 people in Abbekås
it sure says a lot, doesn't it ?

today it's the fourth Sunday of advent
 and only three days until christmas is upon us
I think I will make some more fudge today and
maybe some saffron biscotti's ?
but first a long walk along the shore because the sun is shining and almost no wind
maybe I'll show you some pictures later on today

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  1. beautiful tribute to India and the start of a new chapter for you... thanks for sharing