Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My photo blogging journey in India !

When writing this I'm sitting in my couch at home in Sweden
Mr M has lit the fire in the fireplace ....
I'm having a hot chocolate with dark rum after a long walk along the shore
feel so good to be home but
 it's with a heavy heart I've left India...
I know..... I can't believe it !
what to do about the blog ?
 for now I can tell you that I still have lots of pictures that I want to share with you 
so I'll go on as if nothing has changed....

today I'm sharing some words I wrote for an article in an expat magazine "Shukriya India" 
hope you'll enjoy

When I sat foot on Indian soil little did I know about my journey in this country that has literary swept me off my feet. Moving here was my first experience as an expat from Sweden so how could I know or what should I expect. What I did know was that I have never been nor will I be the person who sits around waiting for things to happen.
But I can tell you that it has been a roller coaster ride of a life time. India is full of surprises; sometimes those surprises are wonderful and stimulating but sometimes they are just the opposite.
I have found myself trying to adapt then wanting to go home. Enjoying one day, not so much the next.

I started blogging last year as a way to show my family and friends back home what life here was all about. The beginning was as bumpy and full of potholes as all roads are here in Gurgaon, but soon I found myself wanting to see and learn more. I started doing trips out into the rural areas, to the temples  and villages  just to explore. (I’ m very fortunate to have found the best driver ever)
Pretty soon I found myself wrapped up in taking pictures I never thought I would capture and having interactions with people I never thought I would meet. Like sitting on a charpai, day bed in a farmers backyard next to the water buffaloes drinking Mountain Dew together with my friend Kathy from Canada.
I have been standing in herds of goats and sheep trying to talk to families and taking pictures, shoes covered with , yes poop. I have been closer to monkeys then I ever thought I wanted to be. I have had elephants flirt with me !, and I have met the biggest bull ever face to face.

 Closest to my heart are all the encounters I’ve had with women, children and men that I have met and who have taught me so much.

Embrace India with an open heart and India will hug you back with a hug you’ll never forget.

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  1. Dear Suzanna, Friends forever, memories made to keep in our hearts.