Tuesday, December 30, 2014

from the cold Baltic sea to the warm Yamuna river

it sure is a big difference between the Baltic sea and the Yamuna river
cold - warm, clean - dirty 
but the biggest difference is that it has been many years since we saw anyone
doing the laundry by the sea...
I do remember my grandmother doing it by hand with a "washing board"? in her wash house
that was like in the middle of 1960.....
I couldn't help but reflect on this when showing you these pictures....

on my last trip to Agra we ( Kathy and I ) decided to start the day by going to
Yamuna river...
to the dhobi ghat
the laundry place
where the dhobi's do the washing

all areas without water are used for drying....
I get so confused when I see the wash being put on the dirty ground !!
I would never consider doing this ....not even on my lawn.....
different lives.... different possibilities

we are really privileged in this country....just so you know !

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