Sunday, May 11, 2014

Banoffee pie is good for you !

this pie is just so incredibly calories at all...easy to make....
all you need is

14 digestive crackers
100 gr butter

a can of condensed milk (400gr)
115 gr brown sugar
115 gr butter

4-5 bananas
4-5 dl whipped cream
dajm chocolate

make the pie crust of butter and
I found this recipe where you get toffee sauce in three minutes instead of boiling the can for 3 hours...
melt the butter and stir in the brown sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved and merges with the butter then stir in the condensed milk and stir constantly ...let it bubble while stiring for 3 minutes..done..
fill the pie crust and let it cool for a couple of hours
cover the toffee with the banana bites
whip the cream thickly and fill the pie
add chipped dajm chocolate on top
ready to serve
and remember
to always
make it "too big" so that you will have leftovers...
it tastes even better the day after

I just had a big piece with my coffee !!

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