Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Faces of India

Yesterday I saw this girl braiding her "grandmothers" hair 
 on a charpai - daybed in one of the villages 
so I just had to pay a visit

the problem for me when visiting is that it turns into a big "circus" so I have kind of learned to work fast...usually kids start to act up and wants to be in every picture with funny faces and yes, it  happened yesterday too...but

I did get some "normal" pics while talking to this young mother

this was a first for them....they had never had anyone like me entering their home wanting to get some pictures and wonder the kids where acting up...
I showed them the pictures and they where totally amazed

chota baby...smallest one....

I did make it pretty short because I had trouble handling the kids after a while
they where hanging in my arms wanting to get hold of the camera and I was afraid it would take a off I went but it was yet another memorable encounter 

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