Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kunskapsskolan International - my new office

our new school is  coming along
and it's starting to look like a really nice school

KI-Kunskapsskolan International sits on big plot
adress Gul Farm complex, adjacent to sector 70A, Gurgaon

hmm... I really totally like these windows

love the views from the different rooms all over school

lots of natural light all over school

looking good !!

see my new "office"

the pool is coming along !!!

a wonderful alley leading to the sports fields

love the gates !

a whole new world opens up behind those gates
track and field, tennis, cricket, soccer etc 

Mr M looked so pleased when walking the fields

yesterday was a special day at KI
all staff where at school to take part in an auspicious moment at the new school
auspicious meaning ??
well, be sure to check in on my next post and I'll show you

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