Sunday, October 4, 2015

Scenes from Rajokri village

to get to one of the colourful temples I have to go through Rajokri village
and since I always find village life interesting I made some stops the other day

TV is a must....
doesn't matter how simple the housing is...they all have a dish outside...or as in this case
many !!

colourful as always

lovely ladies welcoming me in for some paani...water or tea...

in the midst of the greenery almost out in nowhere I suddenly met this man

a garbage collector
it's amazing how they can fill the bags with so much and then be able to ride the bike

Rajokri is a big Yadav village
Yadav is a jati....caste that nowadays consists of many traditional castes, I was told

this was yet another fun filled morning with interesting encounters.

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