Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mehrauli archaeological park with it's baolis

today I showed Mr M the Mehrauli park 
he hasn't been around as much as me so today I was the guide

first stop was Gandhak ki baoli...
gandhak means sulphur
they named it after the smell of the water

this is the largest stepwell ever built in can't see because of the water but there's a couple of storages below the it's deep..
  built around the year 1230

just outside this man was working...sewing...

all smiles

then we walked inside the park and climbed up on one of the tombs 
it kind of gives you the jungle book feeling with the ruins and the forest

did see the minar of a masjid too.....

 the Rajon ki baoli was next.....

more water in it today than last time I was here
too bad  there where a group of loud young indian males around
there usually is though now that I think about it so I don't recommend any ladies to come here alone

next to the well is this mosque 

I'm sad to say that nothing has happened regarding all the waste that is dumped all over the park

on our way out I met this little guy
he made my day with his green horns

hope you're enjoying your weekend dear reader
we sure are

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