Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lankan Manta Point delivered

our first dive of the day was at Lankan Manta Point
there's a feeding station at the top of the "mountain" 
which make it a great place to  to have a little 'hang around" 
it was difficult to just hang around until I found something to hold on to !
 you're supposed to keep quite a distance so that you don't scare them off
unfortunetaly not all dive groups understood that..
I use a GoPro camera but remember we are about 17 meters under water,
 currents, fish move and so do we so .....

incredible encounters under water
I almost had a really close one but didn't see it myself
Mr M saw it though...I had a manta less than a meter from me...coming up from behind...

when hanging around at 5 meters doing our safety stop for 3 minutes we where all smiles

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