Monday, October 26, 2015

Sting rays at Chicken Island, Maldives

Our second dive of the day was at Chicken Island
no, they don't have swimming chicken there...hahah
there used to be a chicken farm on the island - hence the name
great spot to see big groups of sting rays
so again we had to hang around,  actually this time we could sit on the sandy bottom and
let them come to us
and they close....
enjoy...many pictures...

see the big leopard murray eel to the left ? so many of them....
and they where sharing crests...big giant eels with leopard eels....
I'll show you more I promise

there's a big giant murray eel in the crest to the left...Mr M almost put his hand on it !

see the murray eel ?

coming down the mountain....

fantastic dive
it truly is a wonderful world under water
but you should pay respect both to creatures and environment
the coral reefs with its inhabitants needs protection 

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