Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Moray eels, a turtle and my diving buddy

Im taking you back to the Maldives 
hope you don't mind 
I still have soooo many pictures to show you !
and I don't mind to travel back in time
todays pics are a mix from two of our dives
so get your gear on and lets go scuba diving

my buddy in life and also my diving buddy

big batfishes came up close for a look

it truly is an amazing world

the ocean has many shades of blue

the turtles are not easy to spot...especially if they are hiding among the coral

huge honeycomb moray eel

so close so close
we really had to look where we put our hands because there where so many huge ones 
this one swam into a crest where there already where a giant moray

our dive master Momo getting ready for the surface

there are so many boats at some of the reefs 
so it's a must to get air in the tube and then stay right by it when at the surface
don't want to be run over by a boat !!
Momo is such a great guy and a good dive master by the way

hope you enjoyed yet another dive 

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